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New ad pokes fun at struggles of planning trips with friends, featuring top newscasters

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Picture Korina Sanchez, Gus Abelgas, and Pinky Webb, some of the country’s award-winning seasoned broadcast journalists in the Philippines, in one frame – if it’s in a new star-studded news program, you’ve got it wrong.

Klook, the leading experiences and travel platform has just released this season’s most relatable ad by visually recreating exactly what a barkada group chat looks like when planning the next outing.

Klook’s recently released ad compares itinerary-making with friends to a high-pressure thesis panel defense, perfectly capturing the struggles of building an itinerary wherein one person leads the planning and the others throw questions and clarifications.

The ad begins with the planner introducing the basics of their trip where we see her friends turn into veteran journalists. Pinky Webb starts the questioning by clarifying where the trip will take place.

Further into the presentation, the “thesis defense” starts to kick in as the presenter’s smile gradually fades into a quiver and the questions build up to an interrogation from Pinky Webb and Gus Abelgas. Korina on the other hand, initially supported all the plans but she eventually questioned the different specifics of the accommodation.

As the panel continuously investigated every detail of the itinerary, the presenter’s confidence faltered, leaving her defense a frenzy of hard-hitting questions.

Despite the stress-inducing discourse, Gus Abelgas said it best right from the start, “kung mahusay ang pagkalap at pagsisinop ng ebidensya, malulutas ang anumang lakad na sinisiyasat” (if the details are gathered and analyzed properly, any vacation under review can result in success).

What makes this ad relatable is the mere volume of questions asked to ensure an enjoyable trip that meets everyone at a middle point. When planning a trip, everyone wants to know their money is going somewhere worthwhile, which leads to the inevitable situation where the kada turns into world-class journalists. However, with Klook, the expert in all things travel, planners have nothing to fear.

Klook saves the day with its quick and convenient platform that provides all the necessary information about its merchants and listings to easily compare and contrast accommodations, experiences, and transportation. Having a diverse array of options, Klook also anticipates the clarifications and concerns of travelers and has customer service on demand before, during, and after the trip to ensure a fun and secure experience.

Whether you’re concerned about the total price like Pinky Webb, nit-picky about the amenities of the accommodation like Korina Sanchez, or want to know more about the location of your stay like Gus Abelgas, Klook’s got you covered!

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