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Friday, June 14, 2024

Dave Leprozo

Fusion paella

Chefs and culinary arts students of the University of Baguio prepare Cordilleran-inspired paella made with heirloom rice, smoked meats, and fresh organic vegetables from...

Friendship wall

Children draw on a huge ‘Friendship Wall’ canvas as part of the 78th anniversary of the bilateral relations between the Philippines and Australia in...

Ifugao scooters

Ifugao clad in their colorful traditional regalis race down a 7.2 kilometer course on their handcrafted wooden scooters race during the main event of...

Old school

A youngster from San Fernando, La Union enjoys playing with spiders.

Bounty from the sea

A fisherman in Sumnanga, Batanes hangs for solar drying his catch of Dorado fish which are bountiful during March to May, to the delight...

‘Tataya’ race

Residents of Ivana, Batanes participate in a ‘tataya’ boat race as part of the 239th Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. The ‘tataya’ is...

Armful of leeks

A farmer from Balili, Mankayan, Benguet harvests matured flowering onion leeks, which will be dried, and its seed pods extracted for the next planting...

Damaged by El Niño

Severe dry spells and drought brought about by the El Niño weather phenomenon have affected highland vegetable-producing municipalities in Benguet Province. Patches of nearly...